Mapefill 110 Grout

A High Strength Grout For Anchoring & Grouting

Flowable cementitious shrinkage compensated expansive grout with high compression strength for anchoring and grouting. Mapefill 110 conforms to the standard C.1.2601, according to the Specification for Highways works and conforms to the requirements for Highways England, specification for highways works.

▪ Grouting base plates, subject to high dynamic loads
▪ Fixing rails for infrastructure
▪ Grouting below and around bridge bearings
▪ Areas where a non-shrink or shrinkage-compensated grout is required
▪ Filling gaps where a high modulus of elasticity and high compressive strengths are required
▪ Anchoring bolts for heavy equipment, such as compressors, turbines and pre-cast elements
▪ Bridges and Viaducts
▪ Grouting of bearings for rail and light rail systems Anchoring of bolts
▪ Can be used at temperatures +2°C

Packaging : 25kilo bags


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