Repstar Non Shrink Grout

A High Strength Non Shrink Construction Grout

Repstar construction grout is made of pure cement, graded sands, mineral fillers and suitable additives to achieve high performance. REPSTAR is a product ready to be mixed with water. Depending on the quantity of water or the water ratio, this product can produce:

– a mortar of plastic consistency with grey color for repairing class R4 according NF EN 1504-3,
– a mortar of fluid consistency, without segregation for grouting according NF EN 1504-6

Advantages :

– Compatible with all types of dry concrete,
– Great versatility
– Alkaline, and so provides maximum protection of reinforcement in concrete,
– Ease of application and preparation,
– Perfect finish: uniform appearance (concrete appearance),
– High initial and final mechanical strength values,
– Excellent bonding to most substrates,

D.o.T. Highways Spec: – 2601 Compliant

Pack size : 25kilo bag



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