Standard Sandbags

Hessian sandbags for keeping floodwater away from a property. They are flexible, hardwearing and biodegradable, meaning that the bag will naturally degrade over time.

Hessian sandbags, which are also known as jute sand bags, have been used extensively for flood protection for many years. They also have excellent impact absorbing properties for applications such as building, military, defence and shooting ranges.

We offer 3 grades of hessian which includes a standard hessian sandbags, or a military specification rot proof alternative, which is larger and will last for longer in harsh weather conditions.


  • Standard Jute sandbag – 34x75cm (13×30”), 7oz hessian sandbag with tie string mouth.
  • Heavy duty hessian sandbag – Heavy 8oz jute fabric with tie string mouth
  • Rot Proof Military Specification Sandbag – 36x84cm, heavy duty rot proofed hessian, Extra heavy 9oz jute fabric as used by the British army. Made to BS Standard 1214: 1977. The rot proofing extends the life of the sandbag in harsh weather conditions.
Filled Sandbags

Heavy duty 8oz hessian sandbag filled with sand ideal for situations where sandbags need to be installed immediately such as emergency flood protection. Natural, convenient and ready to use.

Available in three filled capacities – 12kg, 15kg or 20kg


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