Soltex FR Expansion Joint Foam

A Fire Rated Expansion and Movement Joint Filler

Soltex FR is an expansion joint foam filler made from intumescent thermoplastic, which has been filled with flame retardants and binders, which have been laminated with a graphite based intumescent compound on both sides. This will allow the product to perform as a 2 to 4 hour fire barrier
in construction movement joints as well as long linear installations, in both horizontal and vertical applications Soltex FR has a quick and clean installation process, as it is simply friction fitted.

Can be used in rigid block wall, concrete and masonry

Can be used in rigid concrete floors

Can be used in linear joints up to 150mm wide.

Tested with cables, cable bunches, cable trays and cable trunking.

Joint movement capability of +/-50%

Highly flexible and water resistant, maintenance free, Halogen free, resists fungi and vermin.


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