Vista TPT Two Part Ties

As a result of problems experienced over wider cavities (150mm to 300mm) and their weight causing long ties to overturn, the Vista two part tie allows larger cavities to be spanned, (up to BS EN 845 – 1 standard for a type 2 tie). The shorter section is built into the inner leaf as construction proceeds, whilst the longer section is locked into the inner section and built into the outer leaf as it lifts. Tested as Type B (sound) Tested as Type 2 (strength) to BS EN 845-1

TPT – Two Part Ties
300mm 150mm cavity Box 200
325mm 175mm cavity Box 200
350mm 200mm cavity Box 200
375mm 225mm cavity Box 100
400mm 250mm cavity Box 100
425mm 275mm cavity Box 100
450mm 300mm cavity Box 100

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