Vista TPT Two Part Tie

The Vista TPT is designed to safely tie across large cavities in traditional brick/blocks.

The New Two-Part Wall Tie has been re-engineered to increase the speed and ease of installation for cavities that can now be up to 375mm.

Two-part wall ties allow larger cavities (150mm to 375mm) to be spanned. They replaced long single ties whose weight sometimes caused them to overturn. The wider, flat section is built into the inner leaf as construction proceeds. The narrower section, with a V drip, is then locked into the wider section and built into the outer leaf as it lifts. The design of the new interlocking mechanism makes it easier to connect the two tie components as the outer leaf is built. The second part of the tie is of varying length to accommodate different cavities.

The new Two-Part Tie has been independently tested by Lucideon Limited (UKAB No. 1289) in accordance with BS EN 846-5:2012: Methods of Test for Ancillary Components for Masonry – Part 5: Determination of Tensile and Compressive Load Capacity and Load Displacement Characteristics of Wall Ties (couplet test) and meets the requirements of Type 2 (strength) wall ties for cavities up to 300mm. For cavities greater than 300mm and up to 375mm contact our technical support team who will calculate the centres required for a given loading per square meter.

The new Two-Part Tie meets the requirements of Type B (sound) of Approved Document Part E.


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