Solcourse 3S DPC

A High Performance Grade DPC

Solcourse 3S Damp Proof Course is manufactured from a high performing blend of thermoplastic polymers and other additive. resulting in a high
puncture and tear resistance. Solcourse HP DPC is suitable for use as a DPC for use in walls in all types of building construction as a horizontal, vertical or stepped damp proof course (including pre-formed cavity trays), in either solid or cavity walls of brick, block, stone, or concrete.

Solcourse 3S is Bitumen free and boasts excellent all round physical properties and does not become stiff and brittle at low temperatures. The strength and flexibility of Solcourse 3S means that even in very low temperatures it will not suffer from cracking when folded or unrolled. Solcourse 3S is very workable and can be cut and trimmed without difficulty. In addition to its outstanding low temperature flexibility, Solcourse 3S has the proven Solcourse waterproof barrier properties expected of a high performance polymeric DPC.

■ BBA Agrément Certified & CE Marked
■ Specifically designed for housing & commercial applications
■ No extrusion under heavy loads
■ Superior performance to traditional British Standard DPCs
■ Solcourse Jointing Accessories range available
■ Solcourse preformed cloaks available

Rolls 20mt x 100mm – 1000mm


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